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Hendrickson Publishers is a premiere publisher of Bibles and Bible-related books that inspire devotion, reflection, and a deeper understanding of God’s Word. Our extensive Bible publishing program includes a wide variety of print, audio, and DVD Bibles in multiple translations. Our families of Bible products include the Everyday Matters Bibles for Women, Fire Bibles, KJV Bibles, Parallel Bibles, Pew Bibles, Economy Bibles, Large Print and Thin-line Bibles, Kids Bibles, audio / video Bibles, and more.

Study Bibles

Study Bibles are fantastic resources for Christians who want to dig deeper into God’s Word. We offer several different lines in multiple translations. Here are a few of our most popular editions:

The Everyday Matters Bible for Women is designed to help women develop spiritual practices to discover the heart of God. The clear, contemporary language of the New Living Translation®, combined with articles from today’s foremost Christian thinkers, helps readers understand and apply these spiritual practices.

The Ministry Essentials Bible combines the Scriptures with field-tested resources and seasoned advice for anyone in leadership. 250 articles, a Practical Resource Guide, cross-references, and a concordance provide invaluable support specifically for those in ministry. This Bible is available in both the New International Version ® and the King James Version.

The Fire Bible is a great resource to help Christians live fully inspired lives, abiding by the unfailing power of the Holy Spirit. A reference library in one volume, this Pentecostal-themed study Bible includes extensive notes, background articles on key issues, authoritative commentary, and much more. This Bible is available in the English Standard Version®, New International Version®, and the King James Version.

Historical Bibles & Facsimiles

Here at Hendrickson, we’re pleased to offer a line of beautiful historical Bibles and facsimiles. These are exact replicas of the original editions with clear, legible type and faithfully reproduced pages. The line includes the 1560 Geneva Bible, the 1611 King James Version Bible, the 1526 Tyndale New Testament, and the Codex Sinaiticus. These are perfect for Bible collectors and anyone interested in the history of the English Bible.

"All lovers of the history of the Bible, and especially Bible collectors, are deeply grateful to Hendrickson for making these gems available in such elegant bindings and at reasonable prices."
—Bible Editions and Versions

KJV Bibles

Let the magnificent language of the King James Version—which has stood the test of time for over 400 years—stand firm in your heart. Hendrickson Publishers offers many KJV Bibles in various bindings and sizes, whatever your needs may be: Economy Bibles are perfect for bulk orders for churches and ministries. The KJV Large Print Thinline Reference Bibles are popular with people who prefer the classic KJV in a feature packed edition that won’t break the budget. Several different KJV Bibles for kids boast fun colors and helpful study tools for even the littlest members of your church or family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What large print Bibles do you have?

We have several different lines of large print Bibles, which all have a font size of 8 or larger. Some come in compact sizes, some are thinline, some are parallel Bibles. Some of our most popular are the KJV Large Print Thinline Reference Bibles, which have a 10-pt font size. To see the complete list of large prints, go here.

We also publish Bibles in a giant print font size of 11.25, and these are called the KJV Personal Size Giant Print Reference Bibles.

2. I noticed many of your Bibles come in a flexisoft binding. What is that?

Flexisoft is a synthetic, leather-like material. It comes in many different colors and is very comfortable to hold. It is flexible and durable, and looks really nice.

3. Are your genuine leather Bibles calf or pigskin?

Most of our genuine leather Bibles are pigskin, except for those that are specifically called deluxe calfskin. For buyers desiring an animal-free leather, our synthetic flexisoft leather binding is a good option.

4. What is the difference between a sewn binding and a glued binding?

While the general perception is that sewn bindings are better than glued bindings, both are very strong and both will last a long time. A sewn binding is however more likely to lay flat, no matter how many pages are in the book. A glued binding will generally lay flat when there are a lot of pages, but not necessarily if there are only a few hundred pages or less. Overall, both are durable, but a sewn binding will be more likely to lay flat and last longer. Most of our Bibles are sewn, but some of our “economy Bibles” are glued.

5. Would I receive a higher discount for case quantity?

We often have special deals and discounts for case quantities. Please call 1-800-358-3111 or emails us to speak with a customer service representative. They will be able to provide you with up-to-date discounts.

6. Is that KJV bible from the Scrivener or the Scoffield?

Since 2010, we’ve only printed new KJV Bibles using the traditional Scofield text. However, some Bibles already on our shelves may still contain the Scrivener 1873 text.

7. I noticed some of your historical Bibles are facsimiles. What exactly does this mean?

Facsimiles are photograph images of the original books they’re taken from. This means that they are not typeset like regular books, and so we cannot edit or change the interior at all. They are direct reproductions of the early editions they came from, with the original drawings, etchings, illustrations, and text.

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